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ianwen introduction of the expert

Today beginning of winter , the winter of the Lunar New Year , begins at the beginning of winter . Legislation is to build the beginning of winter , and finally , everything Favorite winter cold , need health , goes: Chinese medicine believes that the winter diet to restore to follow the of the weather ,<A href="http://www.godsgucci.com/gucci-abbey-c-2.html">Gucci Abbey</A>, but also the best time for people to tonic Chinese medicine believes that the arrival of the moral courage hidden yang chi Boom , vegetation withered,<A href="http://www.godsgucci.com/gucci-shoulder-bag-c-25.html">Gucci Shoulder bag</A>, Zhechong terma things activities tend to repose , hibernation , the raising of fine build sharp , for the vitality of the spring blooming for preparation. During this day, South northerners tonic game delicacies in different ways , that is the only way to a cold winter , in order to resist the invasion of cold in real life , the beginning of winter day how we pay attention to diet regimen ? Jianwen introduction of the expert Committee of China Health Care Association , the beginning of winter the beginning , the weather is getting cold ,<A href="http://www.godsgucci.com/gucci-indy-c-15.html">gucci indy</A>, withered vegetation , Zhechong terma things activities tend to repose in a dormant state , but people's lives did not reduce the pressure still intense work to get up early and went to bed late . weakening cold resilience , often make people feel discomfort because of cold and some body yang is weak ,<A href="http://www.godsgucci.com/gucci-hobo-c-13.html">gucci hobo</A>, especially cold , caused by the cerebral cortex dysfunction , vasoconstriction , local blood supply decrease in body temperature regulation disorder in patients with chronic diseases aggravate the condition or an accident . how to spend winter in March , of course, with the daily life related to the therapeutic regimen has become an important topic of discussion by the people . &lt;&gt; &lt; &gt; ( the original post : http://house.focus.cn/msgview/777/153540863.html ) <BR>


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